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Logix5000 Controllers Fundamentals

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Logix5000 Controllers Fundamentals

Length: 2 days

Course Purpose:

This course will assist you in developing and building a solid foundation with a fundamental knowledge of ControlLogix® and other Logix5000™ systems (i.e., CompactLogix™, FlexLogix™). You will be introduced to basic Logix5000 concepts and terminology, and you will be exposed to Logix5000 system hardware, including hands-on experience with the ControlLogix platform. You will also have an opportunity to use RSLogix™ 5000 software to perform basic system configuration tasks.

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who have little or no working experience with Logix5000 systems or other programmable controllers should attend this course.


- Experience in troubleshooting and maintaining other control systems in your plant and familiarity with basic control and electrical principles

Topical Outline:

- Understanding Control Systems

- Identifying Logix5000 System Components

- Identifying RSLogix 5000 Software Components

- Creating and Modifying an RSLogix 5000 Project

- Identifying Industrial Networks for Use in a Logix5000 System

- Transferring a Project File to a Logix5000 Controller

- Configuring Local 1756-I/O Modules

- Optional: Identifying Numbering Systems and Converting Numeric Values

- Creating Tags and Monitoring Data in an RSLogix 5000 Project

- Drafting Basic Ladder Logic for an RSLogix 5000 Routine

- Selecting Basic Ladder Logic Instructions for an RSLogix 5000 Routine

- Entering Ladder Logic Components in an RSLogix 5000 Routine

- Integrated Practice — Creating and Verifying an RSLogix 5000 Project