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Introduction to PLC, SCADA and DCS

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Introduction to PLC, SCADA and DCS Course

Course Description

This training course introduces trainees with little or no background to PLC, SCADA and DCS systems. Trainee will learn general and theoretical information about these systems.


This course covers the how's and why's of PLC,SCADA and DCS systems that the reference materials and vendor sponsored courses usually don't cover

This training course is also designed to provide a solid conceptual knowledge base for future learning.



Target Audience:

Operators, Electricians, Technicians, Engineers



Previous knowledge about digital systems and electrical systems basics.


5 days, 7 hours/day (from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm).

Course Outlines:

PLC basics

· Introduction to PLC

· Advantage of PLC s control systems

· PLC architecture

· Memory mapping

· I/O configurations

· Communicating with PLC

· PLC programming

· PLC Ladder logic programming

· Basic ladder logic instructions

· Implementing logic function using ladder logic

· Timer and counter instructions

· Examples and exercises

SCADA basics

· Introduction

· Scada  application

· Variety  of   scada  application

· Scada    system  components

· Complete  scada    system

· RTU  /   PLC      Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

· Communication

· Software

· Control   System

· I  /  O  Systems

· Centralized  control

· Distributed  control

· Data  acquisition  system

DCS basics

  • Introduction for DCS.
  • Overview for DCS.
  • Control panel DPU (Distributed Processor Unit).
  • DPU hardware and power supplies.
  • I/O Input/Output cards in DPU panel .
  • Data highway controller.
  • Control loops and digital logic .
  • Operator / Engineer station overview.
  • Alarm list and history.
  • Displaying loops and logic force value .
  • Download from engineer station to DPU and operator station .
  • Inspection and maintenance for distributed control system (DCS).
  • Troubleshooting of the control system.