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ControlNet Communication

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ControlNet Communication Course

Course Description

This course provides the skills necessary to efficiently design and configure ControlNet and RSNetWorx-capable hardware and software into an effective control network. Also provides the necessary skills to effectively troubleshoot ControlNet and RSNetWorx hardware and software.

Trainees gain these skills from the ground up, practicing each step in the design; configure process from choosing the correct cable to configuring the connections that will transmit data across that cable, and by using troubleshooting best practices and network troubleshooting tools in order to safely and efficiently return a network to operation.

After completing this course, Trainees will have designed a ControlNet and RSNetWorx media system that will serve as the backbone of their network and will have configured ControlNet and RSNetWorx-capable hardware to behave as a deterministic and repeatable control network. More importantly, Trainees will have configured data connections between devices that transmit data where they need it, when they need it.

Trainees will have hands-on experience troubleshooting a ControlNet and RSNetWorx network that they can immediately apply to their job responsibilities.

Target Audience:

Individuals who are responsible for designing, configuring a new ControlNet and RSNetWorx network or maintaining, managing and modifying an existing ControlNet and RSNetWorx network should attend this course.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:

Ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows ® tasks

Ability to program ladder logic using Windows-based software such as RSLogix 5000 software

With few AB-Logix5000 family experience or knowledge.


2 days, 7hours/day (from 9:00am to 4:00 pm).

Course Outline:


Configuring an Offline ControlNet Network

Going Online to a ControlNet Network

Entering Scheduled ControlNet I/O Data Connections for Logix5000 Controllers

Entering Scheduled ControlNet produced/consumed tags Data Connections for Logix5000 Controllers

Entering ControlNet Messages for Logix5000 Controllers

Integrated Practice: Configuring a ControlNet Network

Getting Started with Troubleshooting a ControlNet Network

Troubleshooting a ControlNet Media System

Isolating Faulty ControlNet Media Using Signal Measurement Equipment

Isolating ControlNet Network Malfunctions Using LEDs and Mnemonic Displays

Connecting to a ControlNet Network Using RSLinx Software

Identifying a ControlNet Network Malfunction Using RSLinx Software

Troubleshooting a Network Using RSNetWorx for ControlNet Software

Troubleshooting a Scheduled ControlNet Data Connection for Logix5000 Controllers