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EtherNet/IP™ Design and Troubleshooting

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EtherNet/IP™ Design and Troubleshooting

Course Description

This course prepares you to successfully design and configure an efficient EtherNet/IP (Industrial Protocol) network .This course also prepares you to effectively resolve the breakdown in communications between a controller and the devices it is controlling. You will troubleshoot an EtherNet/IP network's media components and use web-based technologies imbedded within multiple EtherNet/IP devices to monitor the health and status of the EtherNet/IP network.

Target Audience:

Individuals responsible for designing and configuring a new EtherNet/IP network or modifying and troubleshooting an existing EtherNet/IP network should attend this course.


  • Ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows tasks
  • Familiarity with basic control and electrical principles
  • Completion of the RSLogix5000 Fundamentals (Basic Ladder Logic Programming and Project Development)


2 days, 7hours/day (from 9:00am to 4:00 pm).

Course Outline:

  • EtherNet/IP Overview
  • Understand the OSI Model
  • IP Address Overview
  • Designing an EtherNet/IP Cable System
  • Optimizing an EtherNet/IP Network
  • Pinging a Module’s EtherNet/IP Address
  • Configuring and Modifying EtherNet/IP Addresses Using RSLinx® Software
  • Configuring and Modifying EtherNet/IP Addresses Using RSLogix™ 5000 Software
  • Configuring and Modifying EtherNet/IP Addresses Using BOOTP-DHCP Server© Software
  • Establishing EtherNet/IP Connections to Remote Devices
  • Producing and Consuming Data over an Ethernet/IP Network
  • Communicating between Multiple Controllers on an Ethernet/IP Network Using a Message Instruction
  • Configuring the Stratix 6000 Ethernet Switch
  • Troubleshooting an EtherNet/IP Network’s Media Components
  • Monitoring an EtherNet/IP Network Using Web-Enabled Technologies