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Allen Bradley Communication

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Allen Bradley Communication Course

Course Description

The course has been designed to familiarize Trainee with many different communications options, when using Allen Bradley controllers.

Each communication option will be explained and demonstrated and then a total network will then be created by the Trainee.

The Trainee will be able investigate the program and hardware for fault finding.

After completing this course, Trainees will have the concepts and operation of all the Allen Bradley communication Options, including the following areas:

  • DH+ and DH485 communications
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Remote IO network

Target Audience:

Individuals who are responsible for programming or maintaining and troubleshooting SLC 500 or PLC-5 applications using RSLogix 500 or RSLogix 5 software should attend this course.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:

Experience maintaining electrically controlled systems

Experience operating a personal computer within a Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT environment

Completion of the Fundamentals and troublshooting of SLC500 RSLogix 500 Software.


2 days, 7 hours per day, From 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Course Outline:

  • DH485 and DH+ Communications
  • Overview of DH485 and DH+
  • Wiring connections involved in a DH+ and DH485
  • Remote programming over DH+ and DH485
  • Communications using the Message function
  • Remote I/O networks
  • Demonstrate the hardware and wiring for a remote I/O network
  • Configuration switches
  • Input and output images for remote I/O
  • Using G tables to configure a network
  • Introduction to M1 and M0 tables
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Introduction to Ethernet hardware
  • Setting processor IP address manually using RSLogix500
  • Pinging an IP address
  • Using the Message function over Ethernet
  • Using and operation of “Pass thru”