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PLC 5 advanced programming

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Allen Bradley PLC 5 advanced programming

Course Description

This training course provides the necessary resources and hands-on practice to efficiently PLC 5 advanced programming. It builds upon your fundamental knowledge of Allen Bradley PLC 5 controller terms and operation, your ability to identify and create fundamental PLC 5 project components, and your experience create basic instructions of ladder logic.

This course adds to the trainee skill set by introducing new tasks such as connecting to networks such as DH+ and RIO networks, create advanced instructions, interpreting complicated project execution, and more.

After practicing such skills, you will be presented with a systematic strategy for programming complicated projects, diagnosing and troubleshooting a variety of system errors.

Target Audience:

Individuals who need to create advanced programs and troubleshoot a PLC 5 system should attend this course.


Basic computer skills with Windows XP or 7 very helpful.

PLC 5 Fundamental knowledge.


4 days, 7hours/day (from 9:00am to 4:00 pm).

Course Outline:

Identifying data Block Transfer (BTR and BTW Instructions)

Comparisson between Discrete data and  Block Transfers data

Analog input modules (procedures for programming and configuring).

Analog output modules  (procedures for programming and configuring).

Identifying and Programming the File Search and Compare (FSC) Instruction Using RSLogix 5 Software (EQU,NEQ,GRT,GEQ,LES,LEQ )

Identifying and Programming Shift Register Instructions Using RSLogix 5 Software ( BSL and BSR Instructions, FFL and FFU Instructions,  LFL and LFU Instructions  )

Identifying and Programming Sequencer Instructions Using RSLogix 5 Software (SQI, and SQO, SQL Instructions)

Identifying Advanced Addressing (Indirect and Indexed Addressing)

Planning Program Flow Strategies

Understanding the Building Blocks Of (SFC)

Programming Sequential Function Charts (SFC) Using RSLogix 5 Software

Using GOTO Statements and Labels

Identifying and Using Main Control Programs (MCPs)

Identifying and Programming Selectable Timed Interrupt (STI) Routines Using RSLogix 5 Software.

Immediate Input (IIN) and Immediate Output (IOT) Instructions with (STI) Program Files

Identifying and Programming Processor Input Interrupt (PII) Routines Using RSLogix 5 Software

Identifying and programming Fault Routines UsingRSLogix 5 Software

Identifying Loop Control

Identifying Open Loop Control

Identifying Closed Loop Control

Identifying PID Control

Understanding PID Instruction Calculations

Understanding Commissioning a Closed Loop System

Identifying and Programming ASCII Instructions Using RSLogix 5 Software (ACB,

ARD, AWT Instructions)

Identifying and Applying Communications by using DH+ network.

DH+ (features, network protocol, configuration)

Applying Remote programming over DH+

Communications Using the Message Function

PLC5 Remote I/O networks

Remote I/O Scanner & adapter Channel Configuration