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PLC5 Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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PLC5 Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Length: 4 days

Course Purpose:

This course will provide you with the skills needed to maintain and troubleshoot a PLC-5 system. The instructor will describe and demonstrate each procedure and then you will practice each procedure using a PLC-5 workstation. Highlights of this course include working on a PLC-5 workstation, which incorporates both discrete and analog I/O devices, interpreting ladder logic for the purpose of troubleshooting, and practicing software procedures that will aid you in your troubleshooting activities.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to maintain a PLC-5 system by performing the following actions:

• Locate and replace faulty modules.

• Reload programs.

• I/O Fault finding.

• Fault finding on PLC-5 communication links.

• Implement small changes to the program.

• Interpret and understand basic ladder logic.

• Using RSLogix to connect online and monitor programs to determine plant problems.

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who need to be able to isolate and correct problems in a PLC-5 system or make changes to ladder logic programs or hardware as specified by others should attend this course.


- Experience in troubleshooting and maintaining other control systems in your plant and familiarity with basic control and electrical principles

Topical Outline:

- Recognising the PLC-5 Hardware

- Connecting and Configuring the Programming Terminal

- Storing Project Files

- Identifying Memory Layout

- Using the Data Monitor Function

Topical Outline: (Continued)

- Interpreting and Editing the following Instructions:

· Bit Level (Relay-Type)

· Timer

· Counter

· Comparison

· Data Manipulation

· Program Control

· Entering and Editing

· Descriptions and Symbolic Addresses

- Searching through the Ladder Logic

- Using Forcing

- Using Histograms and Timing Charts

- Configuring and Printing Reports

- Troubleshooting the following problems:

· Noise-Related

· Discrete I/O

· Analog I/O

· I/O Channel and Chassis

· Processor